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Success Qualifications: International
Franchise Opportunities

Who We Are Looking For…

There are certain qualifications for TAB Master Franchisees. Some Master Franchisees operate in teams, while others operate their businesses alone. Often the characteristics are shared by the team members and in some cases one person feels more comfortable or has more ability in a specific area. The following are some of the characteristics and qualifications that we look for in Master Franchisees.

Because our franchise development services, training and international conferences are in English, it is essential that prospects speak and read English. They must also be capable of helping to adapt the TAB system to the Master Franchisee’s country and unique culture. Additionally, they must have substantial business experience as a business executive, business consultant and / or business owner. International franchising opportunities are available for those who meet these criteria.

Successful franchisees have strong business development skills and they must be tenacious and committed to using the TAB system for business development and support of new Unit Franchisees. They also need to be committed to focusing on successfully operating their TAB business and be passionate about helping other business owners succeed.

Necessary Business Expertise for a Master Franchisee

TAB Master Franchisees should have an expertise in at least one area of business – but they do not need to be an expert in many business areas. Through the TAB board meetings, franchisees gain an enormous amount of business information.
Who are TAB Franchisees? Often they are or have been:

    • Senior level executives
    • Business Consultants
    • Business Owners
    • Business Coaches
    • Attorneys
    • Accountants
    • Any other professional who specializes in business


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